Prayer Points November 2017

Everything by prayer… with thanksgiving (Philippians 4v6)

Thanks for: –

  1. The excellent conferences that recently took place in Cuba; especially for how well the pastors responded to the training.
  2. The good opportunity PTI had to share about its work at the recent Grace Baptist Mission gathering in London. It is good to be working with others who are committed to mission.
  3. The twenty two pastors and their churches who have been involved with the training this year, eight of whom went for the first time this year.

Prayer for: –

  1. Ken McIntosh and James Sercombe as they conduct the second year of the training at Addis and Jima in Ethiopia.
  2. Keith and Tim as they conduct their first PTI training in Asia. Please pray that it goes very well, and that they are kept safe.
  3. For Andre and Maciek and later Paul and Ian as they conduct further training in Myanmar. Pray that the Lord would help them to identify those who could become potential in-country trainers.
  4. Merv and Rob as they return later this month to continue the training in Jaipur and the Andaman Islands.
  5. The Lord to provide the additional money needed to allow the work of PTI to continue to grow in 2018. We have several trainers and hosts in new locations, in both existing and new countries, who are eager to begin, once we have the funds.

Prayer Points October 2017

Everything by prayer… with thanksgiving (Philippians 4v6)

Thanks for: –

  1. The safe arrival of Simon and Gareth in Cuba and for how well the first conference has gone
  2. Keith and Tim getting their visas for conferences in Asia
  3. Providing PTI with two new mentors, pray that they may be blessed as they serve pastors from across the world.

Prayer for: –

  1. The second week of conferences in Cuba
  2. Ken MacIntosh and James Sercombe as they prepare to go to Ethiopia at the end of October
  3. Maciek Stolarski and Andre Beck as they prepare to go to Myanmar at the end of the month
  4. Keith Ferdinando and Tim as they prepare to go to Asia
  5. The Trustees as they meet to set PTI’s budget for 2018
  6. The Lord to provide the additional resources that are needed for 2018
  7. The Lord to provide 2 additional mentors

Thank you for your prayers they are a vital part of this work.

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