Pastor Training International (PTI) seeks to strengthen the Christian church in the poorest regions of the world.

It does this by giving pastors the training and materials they need, teaching them to expound the Bible more effectively. PTI believes this is key to discipling members of growing churches.

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This is Senga Simplice a member of Unity International Ministries, based in Bombo, Uganda.

“I’m so blessed to give this testimony about what PTI has done in my life. I came to know PTI in 2018. PTI has really changed my life. When I first came to know PTI we learned about the Bible overview, we learned a lot of things. But this Bible overview has really changed the way that I see the Bible, the way I read the Bible and the way I understand it. Therefore, this has really brought a hunger in me to know more about Christ and from that time on I have been yearning to attend more of their conferences because they are so good and they help me to grow in my Christian walk. It also brought a hunger in me to share this knowledge with others and so I’m so thankful for PTI, the staff members, supporters and everyone who contributes something to make sure that we receive this knowledge. We have received the materials that help us in private study, it has helped us to reach out to others who may not know this. We are so thankful for what PTI has done in our lives and we hope it will continue to impact others. May God bless you.”