Month: October 2013

Ethiopia – Ken McIntosh October 2013

Encouraging church growth in places over 95% Muslim We were met by Mulugeta Ashagre, the leader of the Ethiopian Christian Brethren Church, who looked thinner after his recent illness. The first conference was in the mountain town of Dese, 400 km north of the capital Addis Ababa. On the way Mulugeta had arranged for us

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Madagascar – Ken Brownell July 2013

Huge opportunities – if we can overcome the translation and transport problems! This was my second trip to Mandritsara, in northern Madagascar.(picture of the town above.) I taught 38 pastors (and several women) at the Baptist Church as part of a national training programme organised by the Bible Baptist churches. It involved much interactive small

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South Sudan and Tanzania – Simon Percy September 2013

Enjoying religious freedom – combating Biblical ignorance South Sudan is the world’s youngest country. It came into existence just over two years ago and most people there call themselves Christians. But whilst they rejoice in their independence and freedom from the persecution of the strict Islamic government of the former regime, South Sudan’s spiritual leaders

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