Month: December 2015

Myanmar with Simon & Michael Oct 2015

Myanmar is a nation of 55 million.  It is currently a nation in the grips of great change.  Since 2010 the borders have been opened to new development and freedom.  The rate of change has been bewildering as 40 years of progress have been squeezed into 5. The Gospel has been in Myanmar (Burma) since

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James Sercombe and Ken McIntosh in Ethiopia, November 2015

We arrived in Addis Ababa on Friday 13th November before driving 400km north to Dessie. There we spoke to the Christian believers in Kemesi.  This town is 98% Muslim, but we found the group of some fifty believers, mainly under 30 years old, to be in good heart. The following day James and I both

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Andaman and Nicobar Islands, India, October 2015: First Conference

An India Link pastor helped us at our conferences in Jhansi for the past two years. He is from the Andaman Islands, which are part of India but are far to the west, only 70 km from Indonesia. He asked us to help him train Andaman Pastors. We flew from Kolcatta (Calcutta) to the Andaman

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