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Our Trustees oversee and are responsible in law for every aspect of the work of PTI. This includes all aspects of our governance and compliance – as well as ensuring sound financial practice at every stage.

Mr Jeremy Marshall, Chairman

Jeremy worked in banking for 35 years with his last job being CEO of the U.K.s oldest private bank C. Hoare and Co. He stepped down due to ill health in 2016. He is involved in various Christian charities as chair or trustee including Christian Books Worldwide, Christianity Explored, London Seminary and Stewardship

Rev Dr Kenneth Brownell

Ken is minister of East London Tabernacle Baptist Church. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities he also teaches church history at London Seminary, chairs the committee of the Pastors’ Academy, and regularly visits Burma and Thailand to lecture and preach. Born and brought up in the United States, he previously served at Cholmeley Evangelical Church in North London.

Mr Chris Embleton-Smith

Chris was brought up in Argentina and after a short service commission in the Royal Artillery he managed a factory in Mozambique. A surveyor by profession, he has worked with many overseas institutions in the City of London where he attended and benefited from the teaching ministry at St Helens Bishopsgate. Prior to PTI’s inception, he organised a succession of book ministry projects in Uganda, Mali and Burkina Faso.

Mr Mike Taylor

Mike was a metallurgist specialising in precious metals and nickel alloys for nearly fifty years. He opened up a sales and production plant in South Africa where he had the privilege of working with the late Martin Holdt. He currently serves as an elder at Christchurch, Fetcham, and is also a volunteer with Christian Books Worldwide. Mike buys the books for PTI.

Rev Gavin Walker

Gavin qualified as a chartered accountant before working for a number of charities in London in Finance and Management roles, and was involved in ELT Baptist Church in Mile End. He studied at Oak Hill College, graduating in 2009, and moved to Salisbury where he has been the Minister of Bishopdown Evangelical Church since then.

Mr Roy Proctor

Roy is retired from BP and serves on the board of several Christian charities and in his church as a deacon and treasurer.

Mr Bill James

Bill trained as a Chemical Engineer and worked for Glaxo Pharmaceuticals before training for ministry at Toronto Baptist Seminary. He served as pastor of Emmanuel Church, Leamington Spa for 26 years before becoming Principal of London Seminary in January 2018. Bill has been involved in training church leaders overseas for many years, and has visited countries in Europe, South America, Africa, and the Far East.

Dr Stefan Cantore

Prior to working in university business schools as a management academic Stefan has had careers in senior NHS management and public sector consultancy. He has served the Lord in his local churches in Guildford and Sheffield as well as acting as a trustee and chair for a national Christian charity over many years.

Rebekah Brown

Rebekah is married to Ray and is responsible for Women’s Ministry at Grace Church Brockley and supervising a busy household. Previously she spent 9 years alongside Ray; church planting in Durban, South Africa. She serves as a school Governor of a local Multi-Academy Trust and part-time Tutor for women at the Cornhill Training Course. She is passionate about God’s word and training women in His word. Rebekah also likes to run, swim and travel.

Ministry Board

The Ministry Board’s task is vital. Firstly it maintains the rigorous doctrinal standards which underpin everything we do. Secondly it seeks to support, encourage and develop all aspects PTI’s ministry.

Practically speaking, these are the people who review and approve all the books, training materials and expatriate trainers that PTI uses. This ensures that PTI continues to teach the reformed, conservative, evangelical understanding of Biblical Christianity that we believe most accurately represents the faith set forth in the Word of God.

Rev Dr Kenneth Brownell

Ken is minister of East London Tabernacle Baptist Church. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities he also teaches church history at the London Theological Seminary, chairs the committee of the John Owen Centre, and regularly visits Burma and Thailand to lecture and preach. Born and brought up in the United States, he previously served at Cholmeley Evangelical Church in North London.

Rev Gareth Jones

Gareth is pastor of Pantilles Baptist Church in Tunbridge Wells. He has a particular interest in Ukraine and has supported the work of the gospel there over many years, including regular teaching and preaching visits.

Rev Simon Percy

Simon is the Director of Ministry, working full-time for Pastor Training International. Previously he was the pastor of Woodford Evangelical Church in North East London between 1990-2013. During this time he served for 10 years as the local FIEC Visitor for churches in North East London and has made a number of trips to Africa and the Far East. He has a particular interest in Burma.

Rev Gerald Tanner

Gerald is Associate Pastor of Wycliffe Independent Church, Sheffield. Previously he was pastor of The Lees Chapel, an FIEC church in Lapworth, Warwickshre from 1992 to 2014. He has been leading pastor training conferences in Uganda since 2003.

Rev Paul Williams

Paul has been the Minister of Swindon Evangelical Church since 1998, following 9 years pastoral ministry in Mid-Wales. He is a board member of UFM Worldwide and Day One Christian Ministries, and he also lectures part of the Systematic Theology Course at the European Missionary Fellowship School of Biblical Studies. He leads biblical study tours to Israel, Greece and Turkey.

Rev Daryl Jones

Daryl is Mission Director of Grace Baptist Mission. His role is to help churches send and support missionaries. This involves travel to countries where they are serving. He previously had pastorates in Bristol, Aylesbury and Liverpool. He began ministry life as a UCCF staff worker.

Rev Dr Keith Ferdinando

Keith is Assistant Pastor of Upney Baptist Church. He and his wife, Margaret, worked for many years in central Africa training church leaders. He is a visiting teacher at Oak Hill College and Union School of Theology.

Rev Alastair Steven

Alastair was a civil servant for many years before becoming involved in church ministry, in London and in Germany. Before retirement he was part of Friends International. He has been involved in teaching pastors in Cameroon and, with PTI, in Africa and South Asia. He’s now retired and an elder in his church.

Distance Mentoring Team

PTI’s Distance Mentoring Team provides one-to-one help for pastors who are unable to attend training conferences, for whatever reason. The team helps them them to understand and apply the scriptures.

Distance Mentoring is also offered as a follow up to those who have attended one of our conferences. It helps them build on what they have learnt, and answer any questions that may have arisen. Our small mentoring team is comprised of a mix of current or retired pastors and is headed up by Alastair Steven.