Pastor Training International has now become Equipping Pastors Worldwide and this website will be closed down in due course.

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We've provided teaching and resources for churches in need since 2004

In just 15 years we’ve held over 100 conferences in more than a dozen countries, working with over 3,000 pastors. Every one of them has been taught and resourced to preach the gospel – securing the health and growth of their local churches.

What makes us different?

PTI exists to support pastors who’ve had, or expect to have, little or no training. We aren’t a university, or a bible college, or a paternalistic mission organisation. Our focus is on pastors who are responsible for growing churches but who lack the training, resources and skills to shepherd their congregations as effectively as they would like.

The three streams of our ministry – In-country Training, Distance Mentoring and Learning Resources – combine seamlessly to provide a coherent learning programme. Pastors are equipped to rightly handle the Word of God, and bless their congregations and church members.

At PTI, we love working in partnership with organisations and churches around the world. If you’ve got skills, prayers, resources or ideas that you think could help us bless the body of Christ, then please do get in touch! To give you more of a flavour, have a look at our Vision and Values, what We Believe, and some of the people involved in PTI’s work and  governance.