Alastair & Gerald in Uganda


There were 27 participants, most of whom had been to previous conferences. One new participant was Onyao John from Moroto in Karamoja. He told us of the way this region is opening up to the gospel and of his desire to see pastor training begin there. This is something we will need to consider seriously, as this is a needy and neglected region of Uganda. We were greatly helped by Mark Palin who has moved to Soroti to live and work there and encourage the local churches through business training and the establishing of a Bible College. Proj Tim1He provided accommodation for
Alastair and I and also arranged for the training sessions to be video recorded. His hope is that, via the recordings, the training will be made available to a wider audience. At the end of the conference we were able to give the participants a
devotional commentary on Isaiah chapters 40-66, the ‘Pray, Prepare, Preach’ book on ‘Teaching the Scriptures’ and some booklets (from Grace Baptist Mission) on the prophets Obadiah and Haggai. In addition the participants received a full set of bound conference notes.


This was the last conference in this location. The number in attendance was disappointing. The main reasons, we soon discovered, were a Hotel-based conference that had taken place the week before, provided by an American seminary, and that a number of regulars had gone down with malaria – some were in hospital.Proj Tim2
Encouragingly, all the participants who did attend had been to previous conferences and most of them had attended at least 4 of the six. It was noticeable that some had really grown in their confidence in God’s wordand their ability to preach it faithfully. Here is a comment sent by email by Christopher Tindimwebwa, one of the senior men from Kasese,
‘We really appreciated your teaching during your time in Kasese and we can’t just keep silent but to tell it out to you that you are great in the way you expound Gods word to the students. Project Timothy has done greet work of opening our eyes in understanding the Bible more closely and in a friendly manner and much has imparted in our soul mind and heart which we are practicing in our Churches and in our Training Groups.’
All the participants received a commentary on Job, the ‘PPP’ book on ‘Teaching the Scriptures’ and a GBM booklet on the Psalms. They were also given a full set of bound conference notes. They were sad that this was the last conference and wondered if there was a way we could return.