Andaman Islands and Jaipur, November 2016

I flew to Port Blair in the Andaman Islands to preach at Pastor Joseph’s Karen Baptist Church on Sunday 20th November. They are a very warm congregation who love the Word of God.

Robert flew in later that day, ready for the conference which was due to start on the Monday. This was our second-year conference and we hoped that many men would be returning, so that we could build on last year’s teaching. We were not disappointed. Many returned, together with some new faces. The new second-year syllabus was well received.

On the Wednesday evening we were invited to the nearest island to meet with Pastor Lawrence. He came last year and was ready to quit the ministry because of the death of his teenage daughter and his wife’s depression. However, after last year’s conference he was so encouraged that he decided to persevere for the sake of Christ and the Gospel. We had a great time with his family. He supports his ministry by holding maths coaching classes in his home. Robert and I were able to share the gospel with the many youngsters who were studying when we visited.

We then flew to Jaipur for our first ever fifth-year graduation conference hosted by Pastor Rajesh. This was a great week of fellowship with men we have got to know well over the years. Sadly, fewer attended than last year.

During the testimony time, many of the men spoke of how the PTI teaching had encouraged and equipped them for long term Bible teaching ministry. The younger men in particular have become very excited about good expository Bible preaching and teaching. The syllabus has been so well received that Rajesh has spoken to senior pastors in neighbouring states and wants to make Jaipur a hub for a new PTI programme starting next year. Pastors and church planters from Punjab, Harriyana and Delhi will be joining a new batch of men from Rajasthan. Please pray for God’s hand to be guiding us as we plan this over the next year.