Book Set

The exact make-up of a PTI book set can vary, depending on the specific needs of the local pastors to whom they are given. The following list, however, illustrates what may go into a ‘typical’ set. All these books have been shown to be easily understood, across different cultures, by people deprived by a limited education. They are all hugely beneficial to those receiving them.

Aids is Real – J.Garland & M. Blyth

Is written by someone who has served the Lord in Africa for 20 years and has written this book from knowledge and experience of the continent. It teaches about God’s pattern for marriage and sex. It tells clearly about AIDS and what it is. There is guidance about help that can be received, and then finally it gives some important teaching about how the church should treat sufferers and those of their family.

Published by Africa Christian Textbooks

Bible Answers – Derek Prime

Provides clear, succinct and helpful answers to 150 questions. All the answers are supported by relevant Scripture references, helping the reader to use their Bible to shape their life according to God’s truth.

The book covers a wide range of doctrinal and practical issues, and includes a useful glossary of biblical terms.

Published by Christian Focus

Christian Handbook – Peter Jeffrey

Provides a basic introduction to the Bible, church history and Christian doctrine, all in one straightforward, illustrated book. It deals with topics such as the compilation and structure of the Bible; the early church, the Reformation, and the progress of the church to the present day; and has 16 chapters on the key Biblical doctrines of God, sin, and many aspects of His work of salvation from the atonement to Christ’s return.

There is also an accompanying Workbook with questions on each chapter.

Published by Bryntirion Press

Faith on Trial – Martyn Lloyd-Jones

Is a series of sermons on Psalm 73. The psalm deals with the ‘prosperity’ of the wicked, and the trials that believers are called upon to face on so many different occasions. The way the writer of the psalm faces this trial and his response is of value for us and gives glorious instruction. We do have in the Lord Jesus Christ something far more precious than all the godless have with their treasures.

Published by Bryntirion Press/Christian Focus

Focus on the Bible: 1&2 Timothy & Titus – Douglas Milne

The book on the Pastoral Epistles is often used as part of our conference sessions. The book reads well and deals with letters that have a lot to say about the pastor (Elder) and his life. This is a most important subject because the pastor/elder must be an example to his church and unbelievers of a godly, Christian life. There are also some wise words of advice about personal witness, especially in 2 Timothy. This is an important study for a church leader.

Published by Christian Focus

Foundations of the Christian Faith – Roger Weil

this is a practical Systematic Theology written in simple and clear English and covers the major doctrines of the Christian Faith. lt provides a very useful resource to pastors and teachers and can be regularly referred to in their preaching and teaching ministry. It has been translated into other languages and is used worldwide.

Published by Grace Publications

Preaching God’s Big Story – Phil Crowter

God’s Big Story is an introduction to Biblical Theology. It traces the storyline of the bible and shows how it all points to the Lord Jesus Christ and God’s wonderful work of salvation through him. It also points forward to the great and total fulfilment of God’s purposes in the return of the Lord Jesus and the defeat of every enemy when Jesus is set forth as King of kings and Lord of lords.

Published by The Good Book Company

I Married You – Walter Trobisch

is an unusual book, presenting a fresh and practical Christian approach to sex and marriage. It is written as a series of conversations – fast-moving, packed with action and tremendously readable, and will appeal to married couples and those who are engaged or contemplating marriage. The stories are all real, although names have been changed and the locations are now in Africa.

Published by Inter-Varsity Press

Let’s Study 2 Corinthians – Derek Prime

Is a useful overview that is intended to stimulate further detailed study of 2 Corinthians. The epistle is broken down into 20 sections, each of which has a short chapter giving a non-technical explanation of the text, with practical applications throughout. The book also contains a helpful background section on Corinth and the church there at the time Paul wrote, and concludes with a series of 13 study guides to assist group study.

Published by Banner of Truth

Let’s Study Luke – D. Milne

There is much of value in this commentary and it is very useful in the course of sermon preparation. It has proved to be a book with a number of very stimulating thoughts. There is so much here to lift up and magnify the name of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Published by Banner of Truth

NIV Pocket Concordance – Martin Manser

Is an easy-to-use guide that lists key words used in the New International Version of the Bible in alphabetical order, showing where they can be found. It also contains entries on biblical figures such as Jesus, Moses and Paul. Over 2000 entry words and 15000 Bible verses are listed.

(This edition uses British spelling.)

Published by Hodder & Stoughton

Pastors and Teachers – Derek Prime

Is written to show that the ministry of under-shepherds and teachers is not simply a job, but rather God’s highest calling in Christian service. With this understanding the pastor should give himself to care for the flock, and to show God’s people by example and instruction how they should live lives worthy of their Saviour. The book deals with the key aspects of pastoral ministry, including personal character, integrity and devotional life, the preparation and conduct of public preaching ministry, pastoral care, and various other practical issues related to leading God’s people.

Special edition for Christian Books for Africa and Asia.

Preachers Study Papers: Preaching

This book on the subject of preaching is an introduction to an awesome task. It sets out the importance of knowing the call of God for this task. It then sets out the method of sermon preparation and the importance of planning the preaching.

Published by Grace Baptist Mission

Preach the Word – Denis Lane

Is focused on calling preachers back to the exposition of the Word, by giving definite instruction in the practical details of preparing and preaching a sermon. It begins with the fundamentals such as the Word of God as revelation, the preacher himself, and the nature of expository preaching. In addition to the chapters on the techniques of preparation and preaching there are helpful chapters on the exposition of different genres of biblical text such as narrative, Psalms, epistles and prophesy.

Published byEvangelical Press

Preaching Mark – Phil Crowter

This book has a very clear exposition and very helpful advice for preaching from each passage. It is shows the importance of looking at the context in which the passage occurs helps the pastor to keep faithful to God’s Word.

Published by The Good Book Company

What the Scriptures Teach – E F Kevan

Bible study is not just a matter of reading books about the Bible, but a diligent searching of the Scriptures themselves. This book, which contains brief surveys of the leading Bible doctrines with thirty questions on each chapter, is designed to help in just this way. What the Scriptures Teach is not only a book to read, but one to encourage work. It is particularly useful to Bible classes and study groups.

Published by Evangelical Press