Burkina Faso conference report

Following a break of four years, PTI ran a conference in Bouroum Bouroum, in south west Burkina Faso. Senior Trainer Peter Maclure was joined by Ian Flanders, who produces Bible teaching radio programmes – in French – that are broadcast throughout much of francophone Africa. About 170 participants attended each day.

Pastoral matters discussed included the sensitive subject of violence and abuse within some Christian families. Local church leaders who understand the cultural context dealt with the situation using biblical principles.

This conference followed the first-year of the new five year PTI curriculum. Modules included a Bible Survey; What is a Christian?; Reading the Bible and preaching workshops. Good translators were available but the process inevitably reduced how much we could say.

All the teaching sessions went well; there was great attentiveness; and good participation, especially in the question and answer sessions. Teaching notes were provided in advance, most in participant’s preferred language, an example of the conference’s good overall organisation.

We were also privileged to witness the dedication of the New Testament in the Dagara language, which is spoken by a people group of some 300,000. The translation work began about twenty years ago and there was huge excitement as the first 4,000 copies were handed out. We all praised God that the New Testament is now available in the heart language of the people.

In the capital, Ouagadougou, we attended a service at a church which ministers to students and civil servants. After an excellent message challenging us all to die to self and to live for Christ, we thanked God for raising up mature local leaders who can preach so effectively. We returned grateful for the vision of PTI and for the prayerful and generous support that made this visit possible.

Peter Maclure and Ian Flanders

We were due to hold a conference in Burkina Faso in January 2019 but it had to be cancelled due to safety concerns following terrorist activity.

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