Burkina Faso – Peter MaClure and David Vaughn January 2014

Training Pastors and their Wives in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso is a typical poor country in the Sahara desert with a strong Muslim presence. It is however, peaceful and relaxed and its people, generally, have an optimistic attitude. A tremendous amount of construction work is going on and, compared with countries such as Chad, it seems much more stable and relaxed. There is some nervousness about the elections due in 2015 and whilst we were there protests were staged against the President changing the constitution so that he can stand again.

Peter and Sally Maclure and David Vaughn flew to Ouagadougou, the capital of French-speaking Burkina Faso in West Africa. Driving on to Gaoua in the south east of the country where they were staying. This meant travelling each day to the conference venue in the village of Bouroum-Bouroum. Peter and David were there to give the third cycle of teaching in the standard PTI programme, having previously been in 2012 and 2013. Sally was involved in delivering three separate sessions to the pastors’ wives who were also attending the conference, this proved to be of great value to these women who work hard in supporting their husbands ministries.

150 conference delegates were expected, this was exceeded with 175 in attendance – Praise the Lord! Most were from the local Evangelical Protestant Church of Burkina, with a few from the capital. David Vaughn spoke powerfully and was well received, especially as he focused on the cross countering the widespread “prosperity” teaching that is so prevalent. Many pastors left with a renewed commitment to preach Christ crucified. David took six sessions on Ephesians and one on the Atonement. Peter gave three talks on the Holy Spirit, two on the church and led two workshops on Biblical Exegesis.

The church in Burkina Faso has many strengths – but it suffers from some key weaknesses:
1. The church desperately needs to increase the numbers of trained leaders who can systematically preach through the Bible.
2. It also needs theological tools to combat the growing threat of the prosperity gospel.

The door is open for the true Gospel of Jesus Christ and PTI looks forward to further involvement.

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