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Simon spent his first week in Thailand doing Bible training with the Barefoot Doctors. He was assisted by Rich Paterson who is the Missions Pastor at a church in Denver that supports the umbrella organisation Frontier Labours for Christ (FLC).

I have now completed the Bible Training that PTI has been doing in partnership with the Barefoot doctors. I shared the week with Rich Paterson who is the Missions Pastor at a church in Denver that supports the umbrella organisation Frontier Labours for Christ (FLC). I met him once before in 2016 with a different group of Barefoot doctors. Jung the leader of FLC here in Thailand explained that he gets many requests for people to come and teach at the Bible training week. But he prefers to stick with working with PTI because of its clear Biblical Teaching/Training.

Not all the students are pastors, but those who are, tell me they have benefited enormously from the program, and all have become excited by hearing the word of God explained and taught well. Many of the women are involved in women’s programs in their churches and appreciate the emphasis that is being placed on the need to keep the Bible at the centre of all we do. Others are evangelists but feel helped as they transition from being an evangelist to pastor of a brand-new church.

The focus of my teaching has been how to preach and teach Old Testament Narrative, and Christ in all of the Scriptures. There has been a natural degree of overlap. In the workshops we focused on reading and understanding the life of Joseph, breaking it down into small units and deciding what is the BIG IDEA and the BIG AIM of each passage.

It was very encouraging to see how many remembered the lessons from previous years when we looked at identifying the BIG IDEA and the BIG AIM in a passage. This year we added the question where can Jesus be seen?

I preached from Genesis 50:15-21. For many the idea that God uses suffering even theirs to accomplish his purposes is still an alien idea. But the studies during the week have helped to reinforce this and to make them
confident that God will be doing the same with their suffering. They also find it understandably hard to forgive those who have been brutal to them and their family. Joseph’s willingness to forgive his brothers spoke very powerfully to many.

“I knew that Jesus was in the Old Testament, but I did not know how to see and explain this
myself.  Your teaching has been very helpful because now I can see how the Old Testament is pointing to Jesus.” 
Simon, Barefoot Doctor from Shan State

‘” have taken the things you have taught us over the past three years back to where I live in Burma and have shared these things with others, and they have been very helpful to us. Thank you for your teachings.” Aung Kyaw Oo, Barefoot Doctor from Rakhine State

Simon Percy

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