Daniel Grimwade & Ivan Watson – Report on Week 1 in Ho, Ghana

Daniel Grimwade & Ivan Watson – Report on Week 1 in Ho, Ghana with PTI

Ho is the regional capital of the Volta Region of Ghana. It is a large township with at least 50,000 people. There are hundreds of churches, mostly charismatic / Pentecostal.Ghana 2

Small beginnings

You quickly learn in Africa you have to be RFA “ready for anything” and nothing ever quite goes to plan. Our flights to Ghana were fine and punctual. Mac met us at the airport and we stayed in a guest house near his house the first night. We were supped to leave at 5.30am to continue our journey to Ho so we could begin the conference by 10am. The driver Mac had arranged to take us, had to “attend to some other business” first, so we eventually left at 10:30am. This meant we didn’t get started until the afternoon. Also things didn’t seem to be so well organised on the ground in Ho and so numbers were much smaller this year.

Good Conversations

The smaller numbers allowedGhana 5 us have plenty of time to interact with those attending the conference. Those present were very keen and attentive. Each of the 3 full days we would be arrive at 8am and not leave until around 6pm. We would be teaching for around 4 hours each, plus lots of other individual conversations. It was hot, and we were also interrupted by several heavy rainstorms.

Good Workshops on Exodus

Our main book of study this year was Exodus. Ivan gave 3 expositions, and then we split into workshops to walk them through how to prepare a sermon on Exodus 3 (the burning bush), 12 (The Passover), and the 10th Commandment. Ghana 3As numbers were smaller it meant the groups were much more manageable and we could make them very interactive. It was great to see them thinking about the text carefully. Numbers Increase as the week goes on Each day we had more than the previous day, as word spread that the programme was running and as Friday approached when books would be given away! By Friday we had around 50 present. Some had come for the first time, others for the second time, and others had come every year of the three years we have been coming.

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