Darjeeling – Merv N Easter 2014

Teaching to Preach in India

The Darjeeling conference was organised by a dear brother from Campus Crusades for Christ, called Udai Kesang Lama. He worked in Kathmandu for 20 years and is now based in Darjeeling. He has a real heart for men in the ministry to receive better Biblical training.

The views around Darjeeling are beautiful. On the Monday I travelled up into the Mountains to Darjeeling. Where there is a stunning view of Kanchanjunga, one of the highest peaks in the Himalayas, close to Darjeeling. The Darjeeling churches are very active in sending men to church-plant all through the Himalayas and into Nepal.

At the conference we had 45 Pastors and church planters from The Himalayan Free Church (Presbyterian), Church of North India, Pentecostal churches and Evangelical churches. There was a very good spirit of unity among the men. I had some great translators speaking Nepali for me as I preached and taught.

Over the 4 days we covered:
1. The heart and mind of a pastor from 1 & 2 Timothy.
2. The Story of Salvation Bible Overview.
3. The Theology of Salvation.
4. Preaching Workshops on Preaching Christ from the Old Testament.

The conference was truly blessed of God. The men gave excellent feedback like:

“Jesus has become so much greater and wonderful to me during this conference that I am ready to go and see Him now. If that does not happen yet, I am more excited than ever to tell Nepali people about Him.”

“The teaching was practical and will help us to clearly preach the gospel to our churches”

“The conference has given me great help to deal with delicate pastoral situations I face”

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