Decemeber 2014 & January 2015 Solan and Kathmandu

Solan, Himachel Pradesh

Kim and I travelled to Solan for our first year PTI training seminar on December 26th. Solan is an old Raj Hill station and has seen an extensive church planting movement in recent years.

The conference was organised by Pastor Raman and we had 32 men and many ladies evangelists and Pastors wives. Many of them are ministering in the hills and each have several very rural house churches.

Merv preached in a village church on the Sunday, after a 20 minute walk down a mountain path

Many of the delegates said that the highlight of the conference was the group discussion work on expository preaching from Old Testament and New Testament passages. All said that they were going back to their churches with a far greater passion for preaching. One pastor and his wife explained that they had been having great discussions on the teaching each night as they went home. Another pastor said “I wish I had had this teaching earlier in my ministry.”  Many of the men said that they had never realised how essential it was to have a family life that backed up the Gospel.


On January 2nd we travelled from Solan to Kathmandu, via Delhi, flying over the magnificent Himalayas.

Merv preached in a Kathmandu church on the Saturday (Nepal’s Sunday) and the conference started on the Sunday. Nepal has seen amazing church growth over the last 10 years and most of it has been from Nepalese being converted overseas and returning to their home country with a zeal to spread the Gospel.

This first year conference was organised by Pastor Puran and he had done a splendid job. It had been advertised in the Kathmandu Christian magazine and we had a good cross section of Pastors and ladies workers attending. In total we had 51 delegates including a Nepali pastor from Doha, Quatar.

One of the pastors brought a seeking friend along and he gave his life to Christ during the conference. (Nepali believers try and bring unbelievers along to as many meetings as they can, as they have such a zeal for evangelism.)

Some Comments from Delegates:

Pastor Ram Prasad: “I came to the conference with a cold heart, now I am going back with a fire in my heart to preach the Gospel.”

Pastor Daddhi Ram: “I came here thinking that I was everything, now I realise that I am nothing and that Jesus is everything. It is like a rusty nail has been removed from my heart.”

Pastor Charang: “I was the first believer in my tribe. I had no Bible and used to go to people with a Bible and write out Bible passages, return to my tribe and preach them. The Lord has enabled me to plant 18 churches in my district. I have been refreshed and very encouraged by the PTI teaching. I wish I had been given this teaching many years ago.”

Pastor Khem Raj: “I have realised that I have never really preached before, all I have done is describe the Bible passage. Now I am so excited to go and preach the Bible properly.”

Pastor Naryan Pun: “I have been challenged that I must live the Gospel as well as preach it and so must all God’s people that I serve.”

Pastor Hari Prasad Pun: “ I have been so challenged that I must train my pastors to preach properly and not get distracted from this most important calling.”

Future Work in Nepal

Merv met a Nepali Pastor who was a Maoist General during the civil war. He has since been converted and is now a pastor and has planted more than 250 churches in Nepal up to the Tibet border. He has asked us to help train his grass roots church planters and pastors. Please pray for wisdom for the PTI Board and Merv as they seek the Lord’s will as to how best they can help.