Distance Mentoring Team

PTI’s Distance Mentoring Team provides one-to-one help for pastors who are unable to attend training conferences, for whatever reason. It also assists them to understand and apply the scriptures. 

Distance Mentoring is also available as a follow up to those who have attended conferences. It helps them build on what they have learnt, and answer any questions that may have arisen during the conference. Our small mentoring team are usually current or retired pastors.

Rev Bob Davey

Bob trained for the ministry under Dr Martin Lloyd-Jones at Westminster Chapel, and has pastored FIEC churches in south London and village chapels in his native Cornwall. Since retirement, he is senior pastor of Looe Christian Fellowship in Cornwall. He also works regularly with churches in Namibia and Israel, writes, and since 2007 has been helping with PTI’s mentoring programme.

Rev Norman Hopkins

Norman was converted in his late teens, then for 20 years he was an elder at Trinity Church, Tenterden and exercised an itinerant ministry before taking a part time pastorate in East Kent. In 2006 he was called to minister at Strood, North Kent. He is secretary of Kent Ministers and gives lectures to local history societies on Kentish Nonconformist History.


John GrindellBrian SageJohn Peet and Brian Langston have also joined the Mentoring team. Brian Langston and Brian Thompson help to mark the completed workbooks. Brian Edmans also helps with marking answers to What the Scriptures Teach.