Prayer Points February 2019

Everything by prayer… with thanksgiving (Philippians 4v6)

Thanks for: –

  1. For the extra gifts that were given near the end of last year. It meant that PTI did not need to use any of its reserves and has been able to plan additional conferences for 2019
  2. The wonderful atmosphere and hunger for the word of God at the PTI conference in Kathmandu in January
  3. The excellent training that was recently completed in Thailand with the Barefoot Doctors and the Karen Pastors. Praise God for how a number of the pastors and church workers gave testimony to how helpful they have found the training and to the difference it is making to their preaching. Praise the Lord that they had remembered what they were taught from previous years and for how well each of the groups did when working on a passage from the Bible

Prayer for: –

  1. Keith and Alastair as they prepare to go to Asia. Please pray that they will be safe and that the teaching in two different locations will go well. Please pray that Alastair will get his visa soon
  2. The Trustees as they meet on Tuesday 12th February that the Lord would guide them and give them wisdom as they discuss various matters and make decisions
  3. Merv and Steve as they prepare to conduct two conferences in India
  4. The mentoring work and for the trials that are taking place to do this electronically. Pray that the trials will be successful and will facilitate more pastors to easily take part in the mentoring scheme
  5. Keith as he writes the fourth-year curriculum. That the Lord would give him wisdom
  6. Simon as he does deputation work.

Thank you for your prayers they are a vital part of this work.

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