Kalaymyo Conference. Oct. 17-22nd

Maciek and I arrived in Kalaymyo on Saturday. We both spoke at the local church holding the conference on Sunday. Kalaymyo is positioned on the Chin State border, which has had the work of the gospel since the 1800’s. photo-17-10-2016-11-52-28The Chin would call itself ‘christian’ from its past history. The city lies on the plains just below the mountains, and has a mixture of several tribal groups. Although the city if full of churches, in practice it would be similar to the early 1900’s in the UK in which more of tradition of faith existed, than a true expression. The conference started today with 40 men attending. It is hoped that more will join over the next few days. Maciek began the conference with teaching ‘God’s Big Picture’. In many ways this is a very new perspective for many of these pastors and workers. We then began to study the book of Philippians and how to teach NT Letters. kalaymyo-1What is striking is that the men attending are very passionate to serve Christ, but have a very limited experience of expository preaching. The general practice is for the sermons to be more devotional based upon the pastor’s understanding, than to study what the Bible actually teaches. In fairness to the men who are pastors, this is due to their lack of clear models and tools for understanding the Bible text. We then studied the role of the Pastor. We began with looking at the fact that a pastor must be a Christian. This discussion provoked a helpful and interesting conversation. The first afternoon was finished with two workshops in how to listen to passages from Philippians. We look forward to building on this first day in the coming days.