Merv & John in Nepal 2016


On Sunday 8th May we flew to Dharan in East Nepal for the first of two conferences.  We had 107 pastors, elders and ladies’ workers in attendance.  Some of the pastors attending have churches of over two thousand people; others were from small village churches in the mountains. Nepal 1

We had a great time of fellowship in the Gospel during the week.  The teaching was very well received and during the testimony time we had very encouraging comments.  Many of the pastors said that they had never had such helpful and deep teaching in the East of Nepal.  Many said that they were going back to their churches to teach them what they had learned.  This was John’s first time preaching with a translator, but he soon became accustomed to it.


On Friday 13th May we flew to Pokhara and stayed at Pastor Samuel’s Bible training school.  We preached in Caanan Baptist Church on the Saturday and the conference started on Sunday morning.

We had 127 men and woman for the training.  Some had travelled for between 5 and 28 hours by bus from all over the isolated Western side of Nepal.  The conference started a little slowly with people getting used to us and our teaching.  By the end of the week we enjoyed very sweet fellowship in the Gospel.  We had one very special afternoon: after John had spoken on the theology of salvation the whole meeting broke out into spontaneous singing. They sang a beautiful Nepali hymn about the cross.Nepal 2

Many of the men are involved in church planting.  We spoke to many who have twenty to thirty satellite churches in the mountain villages, in addition to their main church.  We also had some very keen young men and women who are just starting out in their ministries and who were always ready to ask very good questions each lunch time.

During the testimony time one dear brother said that his only criticism was that the training wasn’t longer.  Others testified to how encouraging the teaching was and that they were going home to teach what they had learned

Nepal 4

Thank you all so much for your prayers.

Merv and John.