Ministry Board

The Ministry Board’s task is vital. It has two key functions. Firstly it maintains the rigorous doctrinal standards which underpin everything we do. Secondly it seeks to support, encourage and develop all aspects PTI’s ministry.

Specifically, it reviews and approves all the books, training materials and expatriate trainers that PTI uses. This ensures that PTI continues to teach the reformed, conservative, evangelical understanding of Biblical Christianity that PTI believes most accurately represents the faith set forth in the Word of God.

Rev Kenneth Brownell

Ken is minister of East London Tabernacle Baptist Church. In addition to his pastoral responsibilities he also teaches church history at the London Theological Seminary, chairs the committee of the John Owen Centre, and regularly visits Burma and Thailand to lecture and preach. Born and brought up in the United States, he previously served at Cholmeley Evangelical Church in North London.

Rev Gareth Jones

Gareth is pastor of Milland Evangelical Church in Hampshire, where he has been since 2000. He has a particular interest in Ukraine and has supported the work of the gospel there over many years, including regular teaching and preaching visits.

Rev Simon Percy

Simon has been the pastor of Woodford Evangelical Church in North East London since 1990. During this time he served for 10 years as the local FIEC Visitor for churches in North East London and has made a number of trips to Africa and the Far East. He has a particular interest in Burma.

Dr Garry Williams

Garry is Director of the Pastors’ Academy for theological study in London, and Visiting Professor of Historical Theology at Westminster Theological Seminary. Prior to this he was Academic Dean and lecturer in Doctrine and Church History at Oak Hill College. Garry received his Ph. D. for work on the Reformation and on the Doctrine of the Atonement.

Rev Paul Williams

Paul has been the Minister of Swindon Evangelical Church since 1998, following 9 years pastoral ministry in Mid-Wales. He is a board member of UFM Worldwide and Day One Christian Ministries, and he also lectures part of the Systematic Theology Course at the European Missionary Fellowship School of Biblical Studies. He leads biblical study tours to Israel, Greece and Turkey.