Myanmar January 23rd – February 9th 2015

Led by Paul W and Simon P

This year, we were again able to conduct two conferences together in Myitkyina and Mandalay. But as Simon had already been in Chaing Mai prior to the Myanmar conference, he planned his return home for February 6th, after which Paul continued until the 9th February in Yangon and district.

Myitkyina Conference

This was the second conference we had taken in Myitkyina, following the successful conference last year. Myitkyina is located in Kachin State, and is one of the more restricted areas of Myanmar, due to the ongoing fighting between the Kachin Independent Army (KIA’s) and the Government Army. There are many areas in Kachin State that are prohibited for visitors. Therefore the needs are more obviously acute there. Perhaps as a consequence, their gratitude for the training we provide is also very obvious.

Our aim this time was to teach preachers using the new PTI curriculum, at Level one from Philippians. The Conference was planned for Monday 26th to Thursday 29th January. But this was slightly extended as I will mention shortly.

We preached ten sermons through most of Philippians. Also, We did four sessions covering the Bible Overview. Four practical workshops after lunch each day proved to be worthwhile. Paul also taught “The Preacher And His Life” from 1 Timothy chapter 3. And there were Q & A sessions at the end of each day, which were as helpful for us as trainers as for the people, in terms of understanding where the people were at spiritually, as well as an insight into the issues being faced by those living in the area, and needing Biblical wisdom.

They further requested an extra, final morning on Friday 30th January during which I taught a session on “Bible To Sermon” and Simon led a final workshop.

They were each given a copy of Philippians and God’s Big Story in the PPP series, in Burmese, together with a copy  of “What The Scriptures Teach” (E.F.Kevan) in Burmese. They were further encouraged to work through the books and to consider registering for the mentoring programme.

Mandalay Conference

This was our third conference in Mandalay. But this time we were using the new PTI Curriculum – Level 3, which uses 2 Timothy. The Conference ran from Monday 2nd to 4th February 2015.

The Conference consisted of six preached sermons covering much of 2 Timothy. There were 2 practical workshops after lunch each day. And Paul taught “Bible To Sermon” in one session. Again there were very insightful

Q & A sessions at the end of each day. Burmese copies of Foundations of the Christian Faith and  of the PPP on 2 Timothy were given out.

Hmawbi Conference

Finally, following Simon’s return to UK, Paul spent a day teaching at Hmawbi, with a new intake of students, who will be studying for 3 or 4 years. There were about 25 students present.

During the Morning session Paul preached from Philippians chapter 1 on God’s providence.

Following lunch, we had an afternoon session during which Paul taught the basic steps from “Bible to Sermon,” a simple homiletics seminar. Following this, we did a workshop from Philippians chapter 4, on “Contentment.” The aim was to show how handle the text and how not to do so. They were all appreciative and it was proved worthwhile. Although it was only a one-day conference, it was very beneficial.


We believe this was a fruitful time of training and ministry, and singularly blessed by the Lord, to whom we owe all praise.

“For of Him and through Him and to Him are all things, to whom be glory forever. Amen.” (Romans 11v36)