We shared in a recent blog post some urgent prayer requests from friends and partners in Myanmar. The political situation continues, as does the ongoing effects of the COVID-19. We reproduce below a short message from brothers and sisters on the ground, and ask you to join with us in praying for them. We have replaced names and identifying place names with initials for anonymity’s sake – we pray to our Heavenly Father, who knows their names!

A and H write:

We are still under many challanges because of Covid 19 and political crisis. My wife and family are well, as is our friend M. However the school our ministry is associated withclosed until now because of covid. Please pray for IB Church, now under the leadership of Y who used to be Pastor P’s assistance.  

H where we have a prayer house and Bible school become a place of refuge for many people. We have 28 students on this Academic year although most of the schools are still closed because of Covid. The services are still closed and we have Sunday worship through online Zoom application.

Now the third wave has began since last week the situations in the hospitals and beyond are getting worse and many people are suffering without enough oxygen and medicines. Most of the poor are suffering without jobs and shortage of food.

Please pray for Divine intervention for our country. Please remember our school and the church’s ministries.

Why not take a moment to pray for our brothers and sisters in Myanmar? Our Director of Ministry, Simon Percy, adds:

Generally the delta variant is now in the country, few have been vaccinated, one in four hospitals are apparently closed, oxygen is in very short supply. Sadly many hundreds have died already from Covid.

The coup is now meeting with armed resistance in various places, which could potentially lead to a Civil War.

Please pray for the nation of Myanmar. May the Lord intervene as pastor A asks for.

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