Partner Organisations

Christian Books Worldwide

CBW is a new ministry spun out of the work of PTI. It seeks to bring translated or English teaching and evangelistic material to the fast-growing church in the Developing World in order to relieve its lack of sound theology. Here, its work complements that of PTI.

In addition, CBW uses its resources to supply PTI with its conference and mentoring books through the agency of a number of publishers of reformed books. Currently, both ministries are working on how to furnish basic training materials for PTI’s conferences. CBW has translations in print in fourteen languages to date, and has distributed 150,000 books in three years.


Mission Africa

Mission Africa is an interdenominational evangelical Christian ministry working in Nigeria, Chad, Burkina Faso and Kenya in the areas of church planting, evangelism, theological education and medical work. It also helps the marginalised and oppressed, focussing on those suffering from HIV and AIDS, street kids and women who are exploited. ADD from website….


African Pastors Conferences