pastor training international

PTI believes that the weaknesses and vulnerability of new churches in the majority world can be overcome when its pastors are trained and resourced to rightly handle the word of God. In dependence on the Holy Spirit, PTI seeks to provide this training by:

  • Intensive, practical, in-country training conferences/workshops, where trainers travel to the areas where many of these pastors are located. Typically, conferences last five days and continue for a cycle of five years.
  • Distance mentoring to reinforce this training between the conferences and to provide training for those who cannot make it to conferences.
  • Suitable literature so that those pastors acquire a small library of books that will assist them as they prepare their sermons and pastor their congregations.

This has three implications

  • P – Partnering – PTI recognises that it is the task of the local church to make disciples. So PTI partners with them, enabling and facilitating them to send their gifted teachers to do this training.
  • T – Training – Only God can call a pastor, but with training those He calls can learn to teach the Bible better, making the church more mature.
  • I – Indigenous – in the long term this should be done by local men. PTI’s training objective is that, eventually, local men will be able to pass on these skills to others (2 Timothy 2:2)


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