Now and again we like to feature interviews with members of our team – Staff, Trustees, Trainers and other friends, as well as those we work with around the world. Here’s a short interview with an essential member of our team, Portia Omo-Bare.

Who are you and what do you do for PTI? 

My name is Portia, and I am the administrator for PTI and work 7 hours a week. I provide admin support to PTI’s Director of Ministry, Simon Percy, and manage all the meetings; agenda, minutes, papers, filing system etc and any other admin support that Simon might need.  

How long have you been doing that for and how did you first connect with PTI? 

I have been with PTI since December 2015 and joined because I am also the administrator for ELT Baptist church and our Minister is also a trustee of PTI. PTI needed an administrator and I was asked if I would consider it… which I did and I love.  

What is your favourite part of your role? 

I have two favourite parts: 1 is working with the trustees and ministry board at their meetings organising and planning things. They are such a Godly group it is a pleasure to work with them. 2. When we get reports back from conferences that have gone well and know that in some small way, I am helping spread God’s teaching round the world. 

What is your prayer for PTI? 

I pray that the confusion caused by Covid will be used to advance the work of PTI by encouraging us to work in different ways using new technologies and building our relationships more strongly with our partners in the UK and overseas. 

What have you read recently that’s encouraged or challenged you? 

Challenged:  A book by Sharon James, Gender Ideology what Christians need to know. As a grandmother I was shamefully unaware of the extent to which our children are being indoctrinated with in schools and what steps we need to take to protect them. Encouraged: by a simple devotional book; The Christmas we didn’t expect by David Mathis, a very simple but reflective advent book reminding us of the real truths behind Christmas.

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