Pastor Training International has now become Equipping Pastors Worldwide and this website will be closed down in due course.

Please use our new website:

PTI is a UK registered charity. 100% of its funding comes from its supporters, whether churches or individuals.

Often, the only factor holding back the expansion of our ministry is a shortage of money. There is a hunger for faithful teaching and training – and we would love to offer this to everyone who asks.

If you believe that everyone should have access to trained and inspired pastoral leadership, why not prayerfully consider supporting us financially?


would support 1 pastor to attend a conference for 1 day


would support a pastor to attend a conference for the week


would pay for a whole conference

Your gift, no matter the amount, helps with the mentoring, training and provision of study resources to pastors seeking to faithfully lead and teach their churches. Click below to donate online (either a one off gift or a direct debit), or contact us if you prefer to give in other ways.

You can give online with

Please contact us if you would like to give by cheque, bank transfer or standing order

Other ways to give

A financial gift can take many forms, however. Why not do a sponsored event or activity for PTI, inviting your friends and family to donate? No matter your idea, whether you are thinking of climbing a mountain or baking a cake, we’d love to hear from you!


If you are thinking about your will and what happens to your earthly possessions, why not have a look at our legacy pack, which explains simply how you can leave a legacy that could impact the church around the world for years to come. We recognise that estate planning is complex and emotive – we hope this resource will help you think through the possibilities regardless of whether or not you leave anything to PTI. (Legacy pack in preparation – please contact us directly)