Prayer Points May 2020

Everything by prayer… with thanksgiving

Philippians 4v6

Thanks for:

  • The short but encouraging first conference that was held in the French speaking country of Ivory Coast. We look forward to being able to return and continue the training in future years. 
  • The excellent Stakeholder meeting on 2nd March with discussions on what PTI should be focusing on. 
  • The positive meeting held with the Trustees to set PTI’s Strategy for the next 10 years. 
  • The excellent training that Simeon Woodcraft along with Emmanuel Magambo were able to conduct in Uganda. 
  • That the Lord has kept the many people involved with PTI free from the Coronavirus and that digital means have enabled the work to continue without having to physically meet.

Prayer for:

  •  The many countries PTI works in around the world that are now in some form of lockdown due to the Coronavirus pandemic. Many will be faced with challenges. We hope to bring some reports about their situations over the next few months. 
  • The Ministry Board as they meet on 19th May to consider how some of the training might be conducted over the internet. 
  • For Dr Keith Ferdinando as he prepares and writes the material for the next year of the curriculum and for the training of local trainers. 
  • That this period of lower activity overseas might enable PTI to develop its infrastructure so that it is better able to serve the churches that partner with us. 
  • For the Trustees as they meet in June to approve PTI’s strategy for the next ten years.

Thank you for your prayers they are a vital part of this work.