Prayer Points April 2020

Everything by prayer… with thanksgiving

Philippians 4v6

Thanks for:

  • Great training conferences that went on in Uganda and in Ivory Coast. We are particularly grateful that the trainers were able to get safely home despite the sudden disruption that occurred at the time they were travelling home.


  • The excellent PTI Stakeholders day that was held in March and the great atmosphere and the very positive contributions people made to the day.


  • The good time the PTI Trustees and the Director of Ministry had, prayerfully considering what PTI’s strategy should be for the next 10 years. Give thanks for the very clear outcomes that came from that meeting.

Prayer for:

  • Many of the countries we work in now have an outbreak of Covid-19. For many its effect could be devastating. Pray also for the many knock on effects for these people, who will not be able to carry on working as normal. (We are hoping to bring you accounts from some of our hosts as to what is going on in their locations and how they are dealing with the challenge).


  • With Covid-19 restrictions our training has had to be postponed until a later Please pray for wisdom, and good communications with all our hosts and trainers as to when it would be wise to recommence.


  • The Distance Mentoring scheme that that might prove to be a good way of connecting with many who have attended our conferences.


  • That we might soon be able to launch some online/conference call training that might fill in the gap, and eventually supplement the in-country training.

Thank you for your prayers they are a vital part of this work.