Tamale report-3

We had a very good conference in Tamale which finished on Friday. In total 150 registered, many of whom were pastors who serve in tough circumstances. Many are in rural situations surrounded by poverty and the influence of Islam. Those who travelled from Burkino Faso said it had been a life transforming experience. There was very good interaction in the sermon workshop sessions and many good personal conversations. Of course listening to their stories has been a highlight. See below…

We did something new with an evening extra discussion forum for pastoral and preaching matters which seemed to go well.

Give thanks for all the blessings of the conference including the health & energy to complete the work in the North. (Being woken by the Muslim call to prayer going out over the loud speakers at 4am each day can be tiring – although it is a reminder of our need to pray to the true & living God!).

Friday evening we flew back to Accra and on Saturday led a one day seminar in a church in the city that I had visited on a previous year. It was a small but very keen group of men who interacted well. The encouragement to persist in preaching from the bible was welcomed. See photo.

We preached in local churches on Sunday. The preaching was welcomed, yet in both churches the underlying promises of financial blessing in health and jobs was evident. Such beliefs are deeply engrained in culture and tradition so it is always under the surface. Please pray for these churches that they will have courage to not only teach God’s word but challenge and correct what is false.

By Ivan Watson and Jonny Grant

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