Now and again we like to feature interviews with members of our team – Staff, Trustees, Trainers and other friends, as well as those we work with around the world. Here’s a short interview with one of our trainers, Gerald Tanner.

Who are you and what do you do for PTI?

Gerald Tanner.  I’m married to Rita and we have three grown-up sons and three grandchildren.

I was pastor of an independent evangelical church in the village of Lapworth from 1992 to 2014, and prior to that an elder in the church from 1985

Prior to entering the ministry I was a Biology Teacher at secondary level for 16 years.

I am now retired from the full time pastorate, though still an elder of Wycliffe Independent Church in Sheffield.

My role with PTI is as a Pastor Trainer leading conferences in Uganda.

I am also a member of PTI’s Ministry Board

How long have you been doing that for and how did you first connect with PTI?

I have been involved in pastor training in Uganda since 2003 and have visited every year until 2019.

The training work in Uganda has gradually come under PTIs oversight since 2015 following conversations with Simon Percy

What is your favourite part of your role?

 Serving with the small team of pastors in Uganda who help to coordinate and facilitate the conferences.

What is your prayer for PTI?

That UK churches would get a vision for this vital ministry to countries where the resources are so limited but the opportunities are so great

What have you read recently that’s encouraged or challenged you?

The glory of Christ by John Owen.  A wonderfully deep and refreshing book focussing on the glories of our Saviour in both his person and his work for sinners. Recommended – if you can get a copy.

I also thoroughly enjoyed reading Tom Holland’s Dominion – the making of the Western mind.  I would recommend this book too.  It provides a fascinating insight into how Christianity has shaped thinking in the West by an author who is not yet a Christian.

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