What We Do

PTI exists to help pastors to preach the Word of God clearly and thoroughly. It does this through three separate but often interlinked activities. They are In-country Training, Distance Mentoring and Learning Resources.

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In-Country Training

PTI serves (usually rural) churches by providing ‘Teach to Preach’ in-country training courses. Whilst never ceasing to maintain its doctrinal standards and ethos, PTI’s courses are flexible and easily adapted to local and cultural needs.

Three types of course are currently available, all provided by expatriate trainers with extensive pastoral and teaching experience. Normally lasting for five days, they take place in locations that are accessible to as many local pastors as possible.

It is also essential that these churches learn to become mature and independent as quickly as possible. So after training courses PTI also sets up networks of local pastors who can in turn equip others for effective teaching and pastoral ministry.
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Pastors’ Refresher Course
Subjects include the importance of personal godliness; the importance of preaching for the health of the church; interpreting and applying the Bible; justification; sanctification and regeneration. Particular attention will be given to the inspiration and authority of the Bible.

Some of the teaching is interactive, and the course is led in a spirit of worship and deepening fellowship. To achieve maximum value, courses are limited to 100.

Progressing to Maturity Course
This extends the Refresher course, with the emphasis upon the centrality of Christ. The teaching covers the uniqueness of Christ; His place in the church and living a Christ-like life. It also examines the centrality of Christ in preaching; the nature of faith; the sovereignty of God and contemporary Christian issues.

Preparing for Continuing Ministry
This conference focuses on training for trainers, and is therefore available to pastors whose spirituality and gifts has been recognised during previous courses. The subjects studied advance and extend those from the other courses.

The subjects in this course advance and extend the first two. It seeks to equip those attending to grow in the ministry. So it considers the person and work of the Holy Spirit and the Letter to the Romans. Sessions are also devoted to preaching; the Atonement and the Gospel Message; and the nature of the Church. Equipping Christian leaders to preach and teach the Word of God with passion and power remains the primary objective.

Training Programmes



Archive – training programmes 2005-10

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Archive – ministry reports 2005-10 and picture galleries


Distance Mentoring

PTI’s Distance Mentoring scheme enables pastors to build on the lessons they have learned during in-country courses. It is also available to those unable to attend courses.

Distance Mentoring works by giving pastors two key learning manuals. Having worked through them they are then given one to one coaching, by email or letter, from experienced trainers based in the UK.

Since it began its work, the Distance Mentoring team has reached over 4,000 pastors and church leaders in 26 countries, mainly in Africa but also in South America, Asia and Europe. Around 2,200 overseas pastors currently benefit from Distance Mentoring.
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What does the Distance Mentoring scheme offer?

Pastors applying for books are first encouraged to read What the Scriptures Teach by E F Kevan, answer the questions at the back and post them to their personal mentors.

Their depth of Biblical understanding is then assessed so they can be given the most suitable selection of follow-up books. 

Others, generally with a more thorough Bible College education, are encouraged to read The Christian Handbook by Peter Jeffery, and to complete the accompanying Workbook.

This is a much more demanding task, but many pastors have completed it to a high standard and show they have clearly understood the truths they have studied.

Learning Resources

PTI continues to receive encouraging and practical support from CBW and other major Christian publishers. It means we are able to offer a wide range of excellent books to local pastors – either free, or at a nominal charge set by the Local PTI Conference Leadership Team.

Literature is a vital part of PTI’s conference training and mentoring ministries. It is used to extend pastors’ personal spiritual development and understanding of the Bible.

PTI is currently working jointly with CBW to develop additional training materials for the future.

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Self Study

Besides What the Scriptures Teach and the Christian Handbook, PTI also makes additional literature available to those pastors who prefer this method of teaching. Alternatively, selected books may be sent in response to an issue raised in a tutorial.

Book Sets
All attendees at the in-country training conferences receive a set of suitable books to help them in their ongoing ministry. These are supplied during the closing session, although the Christian Handbook is given sooner so it may be used during discussions and individual study periods. Click here to see 

what goes into a PTI book set.