PTI’s Distance Mentoring scheme enables pastors to build on the lessons they have learned during in-country courses. It is also available to those unable to attend courses.

Distance Mentoring works by giving pastors two key learning manuals. Having worked through them they are then given one to one coaching, by email or letter, from experienced trainers based in the UK.

Since it began its work, the Distance Mentoring team has reached over 4,000 pastors and church leaders in 26 countries, mainly in Africa but also in South America, Asia and Europe. Around 2,200 overseas pastors currently benefit from Distance Mentoring.

What does the Distance Mentoring scheme offer?

Pastors applying for books are first encouraged to read What the Scriptures Teach by E F Kevan, answer the questions at the back and post them to their personal mentors.

Their depth of Biblical understanding is then assessed so they can be given the most suitable selection of follow-up books. 

Others, generally with a more thorough Bible College education, are encouraged to read The Christian Handbook by Peter Jeffery, and to complete the accompanying Workbook.

This is a much more demanding task, but many pastors have completed it to a high standard and show they have clearly understood the truths they have studied.