Who We Are

PTI was established in 2004 to provide teaching and resources for churches in need. So far, PTI has worked mostly with pastors in sub-Saharan Africa, but the growth of the charitable ministry means that its activities are now expanding into India, South East Asia and Eastern Europe, too.

In just eight years we have held over 100 conferences in over a dozen different countries and worked with over 3,000 pastors – all of whom are now much better taught and resourced to preach the Gospel.

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What makes PTI different?

A number of excellent Christian organisations have theologies as unashamedly conservative, evangelical and reformed as PTI’s. However, they mainly serve different groups of people, such as seminary or university students.

PTI, on the other hand, exists to support pastors. They have had, and can expect to have, little or no training – at any level. As the name suggests, PTI’s chief focus is on those pastors who are responsible for what may sometimes be large, growing churches but who lack the training, resources and skills to pastor their congregations as effectively as they would like.

We believe PTI is distinctive in another way, too. This is in how the three legs of our ministry – In-country Training, Distance Mentoring and Learning Resources – combine seamlessly and with synergy to provide a coherent teaching learning programme that enables the Bible to be better taught to the members of their churches.