Yangon 12th – 14th Oct Michael and Maciek

We arrived in Yangon, Myanmar, yesterday.  The country is experiencing many changes with the new Government and consequent new freedoms allowed.  One instance is the fact that I walked through the Military Gardens which were only opened to the public last year.  The number of cars on the streets has increased dramatically from last year as well.photo-12-10-2016-11-09-06

We began the conference today in the home of the local church.  Sixty attended today and we believe the number will grow over the next days.  About half attended in previous years.  What is particularly encouraging is a group of younger men who have attended over the last eight years of conferences.  One such man, who has planted a church, told me how the teaching last year has kept him working in the passages we studied.

photo-12-10-2016-13-43-23Maciek began the day with working through ‘God’s Big Picture’.  Later we looked at how to study New Testament Letters, and then specifically Philippians.  What was noticeable was the hunger for the passages we looked at.  In the afternoon we used a worksheet tool to work through a section of Philippians asking five questions of the passage.  We were encouraged to see the interaction of those attending and starting to grapple with application.  We finished the day looking at the Pastor’s Life.